Monday, April 24th, 2017

Gettysburg National Military Park

Gettysburg National Park is located just east of the Appalachian Mountains in south central Pennsylvania and is where the Battle of Gettysburg took place on July 3, 1883. The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point in the Civil War. This park is the place where the Union halted General Lee and his men from further invading the North. Gettysburg is the most visited battlefield in the country. Inside the park is a very large cemetery dedicated to those that died during the infamous battle. The Soldiers’ National Cemetery is a huge visitor attraction located inside the park. Another famous even that took place in this park was the Gettysburg Address given by Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

There are many activities to enjoy while visiting Gettysburg National Park. Guided tours are very popular to help in understanding and explaining the points of interests and many monuments located throughout the park. You can also do your own self guided tour allowing you to visit what interests you and take as much time enjoying this beautiful park. There are many trails throughout the park designed for hiking and biking. During the summer visitors can enjoy ranger programs and guided walks. be sure to stop in the Welcome center on your way into the park for detailed information and maps of the park.