Monday, April 24th, 2017

Gettysburg Newspapers

There are several newspapers which cater to the citizens of Gettysburg, Pa. Some are large and some are small but all are focused on the general interests of the residents of this historic city. The largest news source in Gettysburg is The Gettysburg Times, which is delivered daily to homes in the general vicinity and keeps readers informed of primarily local and secondarily national breaking news stories.

Several smaller publications also exist in and around the Gettysburg area which are primarily dedicated to Civil War Era stories and reporting. Publications such as The York County Times cater to civil war aficionados and provide them with modern reports and commentaries on Civil War Era speeches and events.

The Hanover Evening Sun is not published in Gettysburg but commonly publishes stories which include reports on the frequent civil war reenactments that take place there in addition to providing readers with other local Gettysburg public interest stories.

An internet Newspaper named Topix caters to online news seekers, providing both local and national news stories as well as allowing readers to view local news stories as they occur in other cities across the nation.

The newspapers of Gettysburg have a distinctively small town feel and have their roots deep in the city’s rich historical tradition. They cater to an audience interested in local stories as much as they in national stories and tend to highlight events which help people to remember the Civil War Era and all of the events which transpired within her borders.