Monday, April 24th, 2017

Gettysburg Colleges

Within the city limits of Gettysburg, PA there are two different schools of higher education. Gettysburg College which was formally Pennsylvania College until 1921 remains a piece history and still a very prestigious school. With a superior faculty and staff,  this school stays true to its culture and history despite additions and expansions.  Gettysburg College is a main attraction when visiting Gettysburg, PA.

The other school in town is the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. Founded in 1826 this school is there to pave the way for young leaders of the church and show a piece of history just like most places in Gettysburg. In 1832, it moved to the top of the ridge where it could expand and provide housing for more students and faculty. Overlooking the Borough, Seminary Ridge is a beautiful and historic stop to make while in Gettysburg. The buildings are grandly set in such a way that one feels the history.

We hope that this site will help in the location of schools in the Gettysburg area. Our mission is mainly to inform the visiting public of the historic and educational purpose of these places in Pennsylvania.


Gettysburg College
300 N Washington St, Gettysburg, PA – (717) 337-6000
“Gettysburg College (1832) 2000 students. Liberal arts; oldest Lutheran-affiliated college in the US. Pennsylvania Hall was used as Civil …”

Lutheran Theological Seminary
61 Seminary Rdg, Gettysburg, PA – (717) 334-6286
“Lutheran Theological Seminary (1826) (250 students) Oldest Lutheran seminary in the United States; cupola on campus used as Confederate lookout during …”

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