Monday, April 24th, 2017

Horseback Riding

Saddle up and enjoy a relaxing trail ride through the beautiful Gettysburg Pennsylvania mountains. Ride on your own or join up with an experienced Pennsylvania guide who will share the rich history of the Gettysburg with you and your group. In Gettysburg you can enjoy one hour or overnight trips. Most of the trails in Gettysburg offer scenic views of the mountains, streams and wildlife. There are different levels of riding to choose from. So if you are a first time rider make sure you let the guide know. If you are interested in Horseback riding in and around Gettysburg try one of the companies below.

Gettysburg Horseback Riding:

For all the equestrians’ out there looking for a place to ride in Gettysburg, our site will help you find what you are looking for. Enjoy riding through historic places and packages for large groups to make the price cheaper. From Hickory Hollow Farms you will enjoy riding from Gettysburg’s beautiful campgrounds to the old battlefields of the Civil War site. A great way to absorb the history around Gettysburg all while on horseback.

This site on horseback riding in Gettysburg is to inform the public where to go for more information on places that provide this service. We hope that our links and listing will make your life easier while in Gettysburg. Make your reservations in advance because it is a popular thing to do while in Gettysburg.

  • Gettysburg Riding Club: Has over 9 acres just east of Gettysburg. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Horses. Established since 1952 with the mission to promote horses and horse activities in and around our surrounding area.
  • National Riding Stables: Located at the Artillery Ridge campground. Tour the battlefield on horseback . One of the best ways to enjoy the battlefields. Facilities also available for those with their own horses.
  • Hickory Hollow Farms: Horseback Riding by the hour on the Historic Gettysburg Battlefield. Call for appointment.
  • Land of Little Horses: Not much riding here but a great horse activity for the kids.