Monday, April 24th, 2017


Gettysburg can be enjoyed rain or shine. If it is raining I would recommend spending most of your day in one of the many Museums. Visiting the museums before the battlefields can be beneficial. They will give you a better understanding of the events that took place on the battlefields. So when you are on the fields you can appreciate what truly took place on those grounds. .

Clearly if you are seeking out information about Gettysburg you are drawn to appreciating and developing a greater understanding of the time period that turned the fate of our great nation. Our site will inform people seeking information about museums and other items of a historical nature. Enjoy the histo ry of Gettysburg before and after 1863’s Battle visit the great variety of museums.

One of the main museums is General Robert E. Lee’s Headquarters still in tact and full of artifacts used by the confederate army and the Lee family. Other museums include a children’s museum, The Soldier’s museum, and The Lincoln Train Museum. All these places are perfect for any time spent in Gettysburg and it’s a major part of history that people should recognize more. So as our mission is stated out site will assist in find location of Museums in Gettysburg.