Monday, April 24th, 2017

Car Racing

Are you looking to get into the racing seen in Gettysburg, PA? From sprints to pro-stock cars and drag races, there are plenty of things going on in Gettysburg. Let go over a list of race tracks you can meander over to and satisfy that lust for mechanical horsepower.

Lincoln Speedway in Abottstown, PA

Located just 20 minutes west of Gettysburg, this track holds sprint car races year round for you to see. They even have a compelling group of Thunder Car competitors getting in on some Bump To Pass action that is always crowd pleasing.

Port Royal Speedway

This race track earned itself the Best 2007 racing moment thanks to their Dream Race Extreme. They are a family oriented track that does their best to give back to their die hard racing fans. They have a whole slew of races available for your viewing pleasure. They hold Sprint races, Late Model races, Pro STock Car races, 4 cylinder races and Enduro races.

There wont be any lack of entertainment here. Not only that, but its only an hour north of Gettysburg and there for your entertainment! Get all the info you can handle about this track at

Selingsgrove Speedway

This one is also located just an hour outside of Gettysburg, and is home to roadrunners, sprints, and go cart racings.

There are few other actual tracks located in or near Gettysburg, PA. If your looking to feed your need to read about racing in Gettysburg, check out:

You can also try puting a search into your favorite Search Engine, or calling your local racing association.