Monday, April 24th, 2017


There have been many legends and stories of ghosts and paranormal activity in Gettysburg. The strangest and most intriguing part is that the ghosts that are usually seen are that of old civil war soldiers and people of that era. Many other legends have ongoing stories in Gettysburg, like the Candlelight Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Walk or ghost stories told in grandma’s attic at 65 Steinwehr Ave. These experienced story tellers share that there are indeed ghosts in Gettysburg and people do see them rather regularly.

One of the main sightings people have been known to have, catching a glimpse of Civil War soldiers moving in formation one moment and vanishing the next. They hear wounded soldiers crying for help on the field and some see the faces of those that have been lying there since the battle. When traveling around certain parts of Gettysburg be cautious because you never known what might be around the corner or in the closet.

Another tour is the Candlelight Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg tour ( , the ultimate in storytelling. The tour consists of 2 parts a candle lit walk and a story time in grandma’s creepy old attic. For over 10 years Cindy Codori-Schultz and her team of well skilled story tellers have been gracing Gettysburg with the stories of the old soldiers and other ghosts that have been haunting around Gettysburg for years. A ghost tour is a perfect way to spend an evening, but don’t plan on sleeping because you might not be alone….

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